From September 7 until September 12, Saxdor 200 and Saxdor 320 will be on display together at the Cannes Yachting Festival for the first time ever. Join us there to get to know this revolutionary Finnish brand and its models. Don’t forget it’s the world premiere of Saxdor 320 GTC. Stop by stands QML033 & QML370 at Quai Max Laubeuf.

Now, here’s a small recap of the brand. .

Visionary boat designer and founder of Saxdor Yachts, Sakari Mattila, previously established four successful and internationally-awarded boat brands: Axopar, Paragon, XO-boats, and Aquador. With Saxdor, he proves that affordable boating doesn’t mean compromising quality, versatility, performance or modern styling.


This 20 ft vessel is fast, stylish, fun to drive and much more practical than any Jet Ski. It’s also unbelievably good value for money. Moreover, it looks, feels, and behaves like a much more expensive sportsboat.

320 GTO

Exquisite design, fast, powerful outboard performance, and a refined, economical hull shape. Maximum power with twin 300hp Mercurys goes beyond 50 knots with an optimum cruising speed between 20 and 40 knots.

Meet our sales team

Both Saxdor 200 and 320 GTO are multipurpose vessels that combine the convenience and ease of a jet ski with the safety and comfort of a compact boat, and it does not stop there. Saxdor Yachts plans to extend the range significantly up to 50 ft within the next two years.

Professional representatives of Nautika Centar Nava will be available to advise and guide you in order to find the right Saxdor for you. Don’t hesitate and arrange a meeting with our sales team. You can send us an email inquiry at

See you in Cannes!